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Our Company Values

Honesty is our main slogan. The reason why we don't work with anyone blindly is that if we feel that we will not be of added value to your business we will not simply go for a sales pitch asking for your money!

You can find us at:

  • Level 17, Office Tower, World Trade Center, Khalifa Street, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • +971 55 924 3006
    • Leadgend Marketing was officially launched in 2021 in Abu Dhabi, UAE
    • However, our team were working on growing social media accounts for our clients and running their paid ads
    • We are experts in Digital Marketing Services including Social Media Management, Paid Ads (Facebook & Google), SMS Marketing, Website Designing, and all their related services. You can check our services page for more info.
    • So we decided to create Leadgend Marketing to grow our brand
    • Having engineering, business administration, & project management backgrounds combined with a deep understanding of the online world and spending hours, days & nights researching the best trends online, we believe that the amount of information in our custody can help grow your business!
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