Client Revenue Calculator

Client Revenue Calculator (Explained):

What is Client Revenue Calculator?

Client Revenue Calculator will calculate the expected revenue your ecommerce business is making right now. The conversion rates vary from industry to industry and we compiled a list of well known conversion rates by industry. This will give you a clear insight about your business revenue for you to be able to forecast the future and decide on your marketing strategy.

Although, this calculator works best with E-commerce businesses, it will also be useful for local businesses as well.

How Does The Client Revenue Calculator Work?

This tool is pretty straight forward, all you need is to know how many people are visiting your website, and on average how much is each customer spending on your website.

Then you will need to select the industry which you are in.

And the Client Revenue Calculator will do it's magic and will give you the expected annual revenue for your E-commerce business. 

Why is this Client Revenue Calculator important?

If you are running a business and you do not know how much revenue are you making out of it and how to forecast the revenue for the next year, then you will be facing a lot of problems in handling your business growth.

Having clear numbers in front of you will give you a better understanding about your business and accordingly you can plan your digital marketing strategy accordingly and identify what is suitable for your business.

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