You frequently see a lot of other self-help authors expounding different techniques to goal accomplishment. 

A few discuss how goal accomplishment is all about not shilly-shallying, being motivated, relentless, self-disciplined, ‘just doing it’, etc.

At best, these can be fluffy, air-filled techniques for goals.

While these tools are crucial to be sure, they don't provide you any insights as to ‘what’ precisely are the central steps required to accomplish your goals.

Doggedness and want may take you far, but they may only take you so far without a suitable strategy to hold everything united.

You surely can't rely on doggedness and want alone to accomplish your big goals.

A smarter, more integrated approach is required instead of simply haphazardly trying different things.

What is deficient is a holistic, single system that captures the key crucial steps for successful goal accomplishment.

VIPER is an undivided, holistic model that covers all that's to be done in goal accomplishment, from beginning to end.

It kickoffs with the visualization of your goal, to beyond your goal, where you recap what you've done and the lessons you are able to follow for the next time.

It maps the cardinal steps you need to do for each goal you quest after, and guides you throughout the entire process.

Things to recognize about VIPER:

1. Good for any goal.

What goals are you going after?

Getting a job you love? Slimming down? Increasing hits on your blog? Arranging your business? Bettering your health? Purchasing a new house? Constructing stronger relationships?

Regardless what goal you have, VIPER is wholly applicable and relevant.

In brief, it may be utilized for literally any goal in the world.

If we take the example of constructing a bridge, this is what we'll see with the model:

Visualize: Truly visualize building the bridge

Implement: implement techniques to build a bridge, like overcoming wind resistance, seeing to it the bridge can support its own weight, amidst others

Planning: distinguish plan factors like bridge location , size of team, safeguards, precise sort and number of materials to use in construction, and so forth

Execution: employed workers, secured construction materials, began actual construction of the bridge

Recap: evaluated the final structure.

2. Every step is needed in the success of the goal.

They’re separate parts of a system that make it whole.

Attempting to omit any of the steps will endanger your chances and level of success.

3. The steps happen in sequence.

The steps happen in sequence – implying the first step needs to be complete prior to going to the second, etc. 

Therefore, every step ought to be specified as precisely as possible prior to moving to the next to preclude disruption and rework.

Say for instance, you determine the goal for yourself to drop off 20 lbs.

You arrive at a series of techniques and plans.

Nevertheless, as you begin dropping off the weight, you discover yourself feeling wore out, unhealthy and appearing weak.

You recognize that you don't just want to lose 20 lbs of weight; you really simply want to be fit.

Since the cornerstone of the goal is different, this alters the steps, like an expanded focus on training, selecting healthy foods, rather than simply slimming down.

The further you are in carrying out the goal and the larger the magnitude of alteration in the initial step, the harder it will be to re-script your plans to reflect the change.

Therefore, it's crucial to be stringent with each step of the model.

4. Advancement through the steps represents your goal being evidenced in your mind to physical production.

As you begin with the beginning step, it's basically a creation in your brain.

As you move through the steps, you're basically taking that virtual creation in your brain and giving it physical form and shape in our world.

5. Better fitted for medium to huge goals.

VIPER is a model for attaining your huge goals, which you’ve attempted to accomplish but haven’t succeeded, or you feel are too overpowering for you.

If you've little goals, which you're fairly confident about, it may be quicker and more effective to forge ahead and conquer them.

Going through each of the five steps requires investing of time and effort, which may not pay off, with modest goals.

The bigger the goal, the more essential the role VIPER.

6. Gets you ready for success in your goal.

Holding this orderly approach to goal accomplishment helps dramatically step-up your chances of success for 2 reasons:

First of all, if there are Issues with accomplishing the goal, you are able to always review and discover exactly which stage the issue bobbed up, then fix it from there.

Secondly, it sees to it that all bases are covered and you don't leave any stone unturned.

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