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Growing your business is difficult. We make it less stressful, way easier, predictable and most importantly a fun journey.


Using the ultimate extremely powerful system for skyrocketing any business you can think of.

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We recently got out SMS marketing package from Leadgend Advertising & Marketing and I believe its the best digital marketing agency in Abu Dhabi. Complete honesty, professional team and affordable prices.. highly recommended!

Best digital marketing services and their team is professional and know their work very well. Prices are affordable as well. Highly recommended

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Google Reviews Testimonials Icon

Hamad Bloushi

Highly recommended digital marketing agency in Abu Dhabi, UAE. I was skeptic in dealing with a digital marketing agency but after meeting with Leadgend's owner he cleared all my doubts and drew a clear strategy to get the needle moving for my business. They have a wide range of services from Social Media Management to Paid Facebook & Google Ads, to Website Development to SEO and cheap SMS marketing rates. The strategy itself given is worth thousands and you get it for free.

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  • We do all the heavy lifting
  • For you to work ON your business
  • And not IN your business

Fast delivery, don't worry about delays ever again

Have you ever had to wait days, even weeks to get a service performed? That’s now in the past. Our team makes sure you get your delivery as fast as possible.

Digital marketing, done the right way

Stop using outdated tools, or following 1990’s blueprints. After working with hundreds of clients, we know exactly what works and what doesn’t. Best results guaranteed, all the time.

Detailed reports and statistics

Know exactly where your money is being spent, what is the ROI, and what’s the best way to keep scaling your business. Stop guessing about your sales - ad spend.

Unlimited Support

With your journey with us, you will never be alone. We are here to make grow through each step of the journey.

What we can do for you

Here are a few of the most popular digital marketing requests from our clients:

SMS Marketing

With prices cheaper than the current SMS rates, you are able to reach your customers directly on their mobile phones via SMS and promote your business!

Social Media Marketing

Creating professional social media account with our team of expert graphic designers. You will definitely have an edge over competitors!

Website Design

We create beautifully designed and fast loading websites. What are you waiting for? It's time to build an online real estate for your business!

Facebook Ads

This is where the money lives. This is the money making machine. If you aren't running FB Ads yet, you are losing a lot of customers and limiting your business growth...

Google Ads

Put your business in front of ready-to-buy customers with the power of Google Ads. But be careful, not anyone knows how to run Google Ads properly!

Facebook Pixel Setup

Not everyone is a techy person. Don't waste your time trying to figure out the small details. Focus on getting sales and leave these things for us.


Funnel Creation

From short headlines to long form sales letters. Our copywriting is based on the psychological triggers that push the customer to buy with high conversion funnels are proven to crush competitors and increase conversion rates.

Email Marketing

Building a list of email subscribers is a  must have asset for your business growth. Amazon, Pizza Hut, Domino's Pizza are all companies using email marketing.. It's your turn now!

And Many More!

Just reach out to us to discuss your requirements and see how can we help you in the best possible way. Even if we are not a good fit to work together we will definitely guide you in the right direction!

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Hire Us to do it for you


Managed and "Done-For-You" digital marketing services for beginners, start-ups, mid-to-large companies looking to accelerate "exponential-growth". And yes, we guarantee results and grow a smile.

Learn how to do it yourself


Business growth training for individuals and companies serious about scaling their coaching, consulting or service business to six, seven and eight figures RAPIDLY (in months, not years).

Enrollment started


How relaxing will it be for you, if you can simply eliminate the guesswork, the trial and error and all the hard work you put trying to generate sales and figuring things on your own? With our proven scientific client magnet funnels and frameworks, you can say goodbye to "I wonder how to get my next customer" doubts.


You have been deceived by "agencies" and "gurus" conquering your social media feeds promising you a single push-button solution to flood your business with traffic, leads and infinite revenue. But you will get no results. 


Not any process.. THE PROCESS!

In fact most entrepreneurs and business owners try to build and grow their business by luck.

Depending on trial and error. Trying to figure out if the strategy works.

In short, they rely on Guess Work.

But, it's unpredictable, unreliable and definitely stressful.

And often leads to failure or to the hospital.

Our system is battle-tested and built to perfection.

In other words, this is not just a game of luck.

Our mission is to hold you by the hand and take you from being a struggling business owner, solopreneur, or whatever you want to call yourself, to being able to turn sand into gold and crush your competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Leadgend Marketing vs. Top Digital Marketing Companies In Abu Dhabi?

Your customers are pivotal to the success of your business and, in turn, you are offered many more opportunities. Try new methods of attracting customers so that you can make the most of this powerful asset. Marketing your products and services doesn't have to be a hassle. As the world leads towards a hyper digitized era, many corporations are turning to digital channels in order to more efficiently connect with their target audience. Digital marketing helps produce more leads and revenues for businesses.

Leadgend Marketing is a digital marketing agency in Abu Dhabi that provides specialized services and solutions for all types of companies and brands in Abu Dhabi as well as across the UAE. We help develop campaigns that are tailored to the goals of your business and that can generate a positive impact on your target audience in an effective way.

Can you guarantee results?

Let me answer this with a question... Are you willing to commit to your business? Are you willing to listen to our advice and apply it? Are you willing to implement the flood of information and strategies we will flood on you? If yes, then we guarantee that our methods work and bring results

What does a Digital Marketing Agency actually do?

A good agency will place your brand in the most strategic position to maximize your digital marketing budget. A good agency will help you understand how your digital marketing efforts are making an impact on your business. They will create a dashboard with all the information you need to make informed decisions about your marketing. A good digital marketing agency will take time before they start working with you to establish the goals, objectives and strategy for your campaign.

Part of a digital marketing agency's strategy is to establish continuous evaluation to ensure a client is maintaining the perfect balance between their marketing spend and the results they are getting.

To boost results, we also focus on crushing your competitors, turning website visitors into buyers and bringing you the biggest ROI possible using the most effective marketing strategies available.

How does digital marketing work?

There is no correct answer for this question. Because there is no one-size-fits-all. It all depends on YOUR BUSINESS. No two businesses - even if they operate in the same field - are the same. For example, You and your competitor target the same customers, but their website is built differently than yours, maybe they have more backlinks than you. Or possibly your ads aren't converting like theirs.

What we are trying to say here is that every strategy we make solely depends on your business's position and it will be curated to fit your exact needs. We do whatever it takes to help you skyrocket your online presence.

Do you work with small or big companies?

It doesn't matter to us if you are small or big or just a startup or an entrepreneur. What's important is that are you serious about scaling you business and crushing your market? Do you understand the value of spending $1 to make $5?Then we can work with you.

How to Digitally-enhance your marketing and get more hits to your website with the help of a Abu Dhabi-based digital agency?

As a digital marketing agency in Abu Dhabi, we provide a comprehensive range of marketing services, covering everything from SEO to Social media marketing to web development. We offer an unmatched level of service and expertise for digital marketing services in Abu Dhabi.

Designing and developing your website, managing social media, PPC advertising, SEO — we offer all these services in Abu Dhabi under a single roof. 

With Inbox of Success, you can be sure that your target audience is recognizing your brand name at all the major social platforms. We help you to build better social conversations and grow a credible brand image. This all helps with generating more revenue and increasing cash flow in a steady way with our tailor-made digital marketing strategies in Abu Dhabi.

Do You Offer Custom-made digital marketing services in Abu Dhabi?

We have built a team of digital experts, web developers, content producers, and marketing specialists to provide a full spectrum of services and solutions for digital marketing in Abu Dhabi.

Moreover, we understand that each company has a different set of business needs and requirements which is why we strive to design bespoke marketing campaigns that cater to your specific requirements. We also provide competitive prices at the same time.

We believe in a tailored approach that fits our clients without fail. No matter how large or small the job, we will always be by your side and work non-stop until completion. Why don't you hire us today and see firsthand how we deliver quality results with superior skills?

Please get in touch with us today if you would like to learn more about our digital marketing services in Abu Dhabi. We offer free consultation sessions and look forward to hearing from you!

Why Choose Leadgend Marketing for your digital marketing services in Abu Dhabi?

Marketing is a continuous process and any business that wants to be successful in the digital and social media space needs to keep evolving its strategies. The realization that traditional advertising is less effective nowadays has led advertisers to adapt and use social media campaigns instead of TV ads. These campaigns allow brands to give the people what they want - regular updates on their favorite brands, through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other such social media channels.

As we offer digital marketing services in Abu Dhabi, Leadgend Marketing is a trusted supplier that has helped numerous companies reach a wider audience. Campaigns reflect your brand and so by designing an engaging campaign you can provide results that are effective in delivering a message. We are one of the leading digital marketing companies in Abu Dhabi. We make sure to keep on top of all the latest developments and trends in the industry, while continuing to offer our clients unique solutions that drive results.

We're a digital marketing agency located in Abu Dhabi. We provide tailored services to our clients across the UAE. We work closely with you to understand the needs & goals of your business and research your target audience. We then present you with a number of cost-effective solutions which will have a good impact on your online marketing.

Leadgend Marketing - A Digital Marketing Agency in Abu Dhabi That Promises Results?

We are one of the leading digital marketing firms in Abu Dhabi who offer tailored and customized services for all your business marketing needs, no matter what they may be. From SEO to advertisements - we've got you covered. When it comes to digital marketing Abu Dhabi, we understand the importance of having a web presence. Our team of dedicated professionals always strives hard to achieve the best possible outcome through our focused, speedy, and result-driven strategies. We work with a lot of great clients from small to large businesses in the UAE, and we always maintain an excellent relationship as well as good results. We can work on any budget, and have experience with many different types of projects. Marketing is more than just collecting leads; it’s about building profitable relationships with your customers.

Do You Have A Trusted Team of Digital Marketing Abu Dhabi Professionals?

Our team of experienced digital marketers in Abu Dhabi work closely with businesses to build a marketing strategy that delivers results. They make sure to understand your goals and get it right the first time.

We are the trusted marketing agency of choice for many companies, so if you're looking for an agency who can cover all aspects of your campaign from A to Z, Leadgend Marketing will be able to help. To date, we have worked on many businesses covering all sectors, giving us the experience needed to provide a high level of quality. We don't charge excessive fees either.

We can help you get started with your digital marketing efforts without burning a hole in your pocket by offering attractive packages. With our expertise and experience in the digital marketing industry, we assure you that your web presence will have an instant positive impact on your sales figure even if you are a new business.

Partner With Us Today?

Our digital marketing agency in Abu Dhabi has the expertise required to boost your business! Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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