Facebook Advertising: #1 Social Media Marketing Agency In Dubai

Facebook Advertising Agency in Dubai!

Facebook Advertising: #1 Social Media Marketing Agency In Dubai [2024]

How To Get More Customers, Clients & Sales Than You Can Ever Handle With FB Ads?

Social media advertising has opened up amazing opportunities for businesses to reach new customers and grow. If you haven’t begun advertising yet, what are you waiting for?

Get in touch with our Facebook Ads Agency and we'll help get your campaign started today!
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Verified by BrandPush.co
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Facebook currently has more than two billion monthly active users which is a huge market that you can tap into. If your business caters to this demographic, you will be able to easily make sales and reach people who spend money with reckless abandon.


It may still be a mystery to some people, but it's an absolute necessity. Especially for a business looking to reach its target audience, Facebook marketing is quintessential.

In 2004, when Facebook was first created as something to benefit students at Harvard, it began as a niche social media. However, as Facebook has expanded and reached other demographics over the past decades, it has flipped up the game and became a big player in digital marketing. Now professionals around UAE or anywhere else in the world can't survive without it.

If you’re having a hard time getting your voice across in Facebook, it can be difficult to find an easy way to cut through the crowd. With more than 50 million businesses on Facebook and hundreds of posts each day, it becomes very difficult to get noticed.

Enter Leadgend Marketing to take charge of your Facebook advertising. UAE businesses are calling us kooky and creative when they see their marketing campaigns transformed, and we think that's a good thing!

Facebook Advertising Sample

Get Real Leads

If you’re looking for a social media campaign that does way more than just generate 'likes' on your Facebook page, give us a call. I know that what you really care about are results and increased profits from your Facebook advertising campaign.

Getting started with Facebook marketing can be a daunting task, but our Facebook marketing consultant will make all the difference. One of our services is setting up a killer Facebook ad campaign that can give you 450% ROI on your investment. The ads would bring in qualified leads & turn them into paying customers.

We're going to reveal a 3-step secret behind the fastest, simplest and most certain way you can use Facebook Ads to get as many customers as possible!

Step 1: Avoid This FB ADs Mistake

Almost everyone falls into the same mistake when marketing their business with Facebook Ads. Which is making their ads, look like ADS. With the huge amount of sales resistance, skepticism, and noise on FB, your Ad has to look like the content that people are ALREADY consuming. Do this and you will get more engagement. In other words, better ad inventory, better placement in the newsfeed, lower CPMs, cheaper traffic, higher quality traffic and best of all better buyers and higher ROI.

Step 2: Trust Facebook's Intelligence

When choosing your target audience on Facebook, don't get too specific and choose the "perfect" audience. Give Facebook's algorithm some space to do its artificial intelligence thing. They know better where the buyers are living so let them find your dream customers on your behalf. 

Step 3: The Missing Piece Of The Puzzle

Your choice of words or in other words the copy plays a huge role in lowering your FB Ads costs while making more sales. Keep your sentences short. One idea per sentence so it can be easily consumed by your viewer. Treat your customers like a 5-years old kid, don't use complicated words. And try to aim for a LONG copy as long as you keep the spark. Focus on being different, dramatic and keep in mind that you have to compete with all the noise going on on Facebook.

We Are The Result-Driven Best Facebook Marketing Agency in Dubai, UAE

Facebook has been a leader in marketing since it began, and over 97% of the UAE population uses Facebook on a regular basis. Imagine what your brand could do in terms of exposure, reach and awareness if you relied on Facebook marketing. As one of the most popular social media platforms today, Facebook is a great way to advertise your business. It can be used to connect with potential customers, raise brand awareness and generate leads.

We provide a truly personalized experience with an innovative approach to your best Facebook advertising services in Dubai. That's why we're proud to be considered one of the best at what we do. We can target your audience on Facebook by many different indicators, such as location, age, sex and more. Leadgend Marketing takes advantage of this feature and researches your brand and business offerings extensively. We create and implement digital marketing and social media campaigns to get your business the most exposure possible. These campaigns are tailored to you and your business, so people have a good understanding of what you offer right away, which leads to better conversions.

Leadgend Marketing is a top direct response Facebook Marketing Agency in UAE.


What Facebook Ad Types Can We Help You With?

Video Ads

Statistics show that Facebook video ads are very popular. With the power of a Video Views campaign, you can reach qualified audiences in your market segment with your overarching message.

Facebook Collection Ads

E-Commerce sites typically make use of product catalogs. The ads that are displayed for each item can be personalized based on the customers browsing history.

Facebook Slideshow Ads

Slideshow ads are effective because they keep the viewer's attention and tell your story using text, sound, and motion. They're also low-maintenance.

Facebook lead generation ads

Facebook ads lead the pack in terms of targeting because they enable you to capture leads that are interested in your company. Once a user engages with the ad, it will ask for a phone number or email address via an image, video or carousel which will then present them with the lead form.

facebook offers

Digital offers are discounts that can be shared on Facebook. They may appear as an image, a video, or a slideshow.

facebook page likes

To encourage people to like your business profile on Facebook, you can try using Page Likes Ads. You might also want to use a video or an image with a specific aspect ratio for this campaign. Over 100 clients in Dubai and across the UAE rely on Leadgend Marketing for their Facebook Management services.

store visits

We've seen a really positive response from our customers when using Facebook location-based ads. These types of ads let customers find your store and get in touch with information related to what you offer, without them having to scroll through pages of irrelevant media just to find your listing.

Image Ads

Awesome pictures are what Facebook Image Ads are all about to attract visitors to your landing page or website. You can use one photo in your ads or opt for many photos.

Facebook Carousel Ads

Restaurant and e-commerce owners will love these ads because they allow you to put up to ten photos and videos on them, each with their own link and description.

Facebook Canvas Ads

People can now access a full-screen, mobile-optimized experience from your Facebook Canvas Ads. It's an interesting way to make ads...

facebook post boosting

One of the most popular strategies on Facebook is boosting posts. This can help increase Likes, Comments and Shares. Boosting can also help you improve engagement with your audience and reach new people.

facebook event responses

Event response ads are an effective way of reaching out to a specific demographic and getting them interested in your event. They can appear as an image or video, and you can design it in any way you want!

app installs

Facebook app install ads are a great service to app marketers. They allow you to encourage downloads and grow your audience in the blink of an eye.

About Leadgend Marketing's Facebook Marketing Services in Dubai, UAE

Given how quickly visually compelling information, graphics, and videos are shared on social media platforms nowadays, Facebook advertising services is one of the best strategies for increasing brand exposure. In Leadgend Marketing, we understand that every client is unique, so our content and marketing campaigns are tailored to their needs so they can achieve their business objectives. Our team at Leadgend Marketing loves creating interesting and innovative marketing material that will help you with your digital marketing efforts to grow your social media following. A few of our best Facebook Advertising Services we offer:

  • Campaign planning, setup, and creative design are the key requisites of social media advertising.
  • To build a stronger audience base, invest in Messenger bots and advanced ad technology. With the right strategy and implementation of tracking pixels, you'll start to see a growth in your audience base.
  • Find out which strategies will work best for your business. Constantly engage with your audience and use keywords in the content you publish to fuel success. Make sure to monitor performance numbers monthly, make revisions according to the insights, and implement dynamic product ads to grow conversion rates.
  • Messenger bots installation.
  • Constantly engage with your audience (Respond, Tag, Like, and Comment).
  • We use keywords in your posts as well to help you rank higher on search.

A brief summary on How To Get Similar Results From You Facebook Advertising Campaigns?

Do Not Make Ads?!

What?... Exactly, your Ad should not look like an Ad. It should look the content which people are ALREADY consuming on Social Media


If you get the first part right? This one here should be easy. The more engagements you get, the better reach your Ad will have. Leading to cheaper CPM & Higher ROI.


Knowing your target audience will make your life much easier and Facbook lets you choose from different criteria: Age, Demographics, Interests, Hobbies, Jobs, and many more...


For those who don't know what copywriting is, its selling using the power of words. Keep your words simple, use shorter sentences. And aim for a long Copy when possible.


A good strategy is to target the audience of your competitors, put your Ad in front of them and grab their attention.


Generating a lot of leads without a real strategy and an automated follow up process is useless. What will you do with the lead generated is what makes you stand out in the market.

Give your brand a competitive edge and hire the best Facebook marketing company in Dubai, UAE.

Leadgend Marketing is a Facebook ads agency in Dubai that has a proven track record at helping local and international businesses get the most out of Facebook. We assist businesses with everything, including campaign creation and design, text ad creation, targeting audiences, paid promotions and more. With our creative copy, stunning imagery & incredible videos, Leadgend Marketing will help make sure your product gets seen by the right people. Every campaign that Leadgend Marketing runs is focused on getting the greatest possible impact with your budget. Our Facebook Ad Campaigns and Facebook Influencer Marketing offer qualitative results that leave you happy with every single publicity unit. One of the best approaches to social media marketing is by using Facebook. We have a team that specializes on this and will develop and implement campaigns with creativity to keep your audience engaged. Our Facebook marketing company in Dubai, UAE is one of the best in the city.

Ready To Get More Leads & Customers Than You Can Ever Imagine?

Frequently Asked Questions

About Facebook Advertising

Are Facebook Ads really effective?

People who say Facebook ads don’t work are either those who don’t know the anything about running a Facebook campaign, or have partnered with an agency that can’t do it well.

Facebook ads can help you to generate a lot of qualified leads & new customers by targeting them through demographic and interest-based filters.

Since cold traffic links to people who've never heard of your company before, you'll be able to promote and advertise these messages in order to attract new customers.

The Facebook pixel is undoubtedly one of the most advanced digital marketing algorithms in the world. The pixel uses Artificial Intelligence to find new prospects with similar 'digital' behaviors that have already engaged with your company's brand.

Facebook dominates the digital marketing world for an ingenious campaign build and killer optimizations. Through their effective use of direct response copy, eye-catching creatives, and method-driven campaigns, Facebook is still the most powerful customer acquisition platform on the planet, along with Google.

How much does Facebook Advertising cost?

Facebook advertising rates vary with each advertiser. Pricing options depend on the following factors:

  • Market Size (If there’s 10,000 people in your market Vs 10,000,000 in your market, your cost to advertise will be different)

  • Business Goals (If you want to attract 10 leads/day as opposed to 50, your online advertising costs will be lower.)

  • Competition In The Market (Getting your company noticed in a saturated market may be harder due to the number of companies competing for attention. With less competition, you will have more opportunities to stand out.)

The reality is, we don’t treat ANY business with a one-size fits all quote. What we do instead, is carefully tailor every single campaign suggestion based on all the research and information we can gather.

With Facebook Ads, pricing is hard to set. There are many nuances and factors to consider, but one thing’s for sure - any agency that quotes a flat monthly fee for Facebook ads doesn't know what it takes to succeed on this platform.

What is the best Facebook Marketing Strategy?

A great Facebook marketing strategy is one that is tailored for your target audience, speaking to them in their own language.

Every business is different and often caters to completely different audiences. All too often though, businesses make the mistake of not knowing who they're targeting and what their pain points are. The tighter you can hone in on your target market, the better off you'll be.

When looking at your offer, think about what makes it different and stands out. How does this product or service allow someone to reach the ideal state they are seeking? What is the value of your business based on that attribute?

Once you understand that your market is everything, then you can start to understand what positioning your business and selling to a much wider audience means.

What types of companies are suited to advertise on Facebook?

We can say that most companies are eligible to advertise on Facebook.

However, Facebook has some strict policies on few industries. You can find them here: https://www.facebook.com/policies/ads/

What makes a good Facebook Ad?

A good Facebook ad has many elements; high-quality images, an attention-grabbing headline, and a compelling call to action just to name a few. These include:

Direct Response Copywriting – When writing for direct sales, you want to focus on the 'results you'll achieve' based on your reader's needs.

Creatives – An engaging and compelling advertisement that captures the attention of your audience

Campaign Build – The process of building a strategic funnel within Facebook’s platform.

Audience Targeting – The ability to identify markets & audiences that will lead to strong performance

Offer – The ability to create a message that provides real value while giving readers no other option but to take action

Conversion Rate – The percentage of conversion that occurs from the traffic generated by Facebook.

About Facebook Advertising Agency

Do I really need a Facebook Advertising Agency to run my ads?

Leadgend Marketing is here to help you maximize your ROI and increase your revenue with our revolutionary Facebook advertising strategies.

Facebook is a great way to promote your business and we specialize in creating ads that get results. We can help you reach a wider audience of your ideal clients and even increase the ROI of your current marketing campaigns.

Facebook Ads marketing, while competitive, is achievable with proper care & investing in your Facebook ads. Our team of experts designs ads that not only get seen but lead to lifetime customers.

We've helped clients generate incredible results with their Facebook ads. In fact, they were able to double or even triple their profits because of the increase in leads generated from the campaign.

There's no denying that Facebook advertising is the future of marketing. It's even better at reaching customers than any other platforms are. If you want your business to flourish on social networks, it's best to start now rather than waiting until it becomes too late.

Leadgend Marketing is the leading Facebook advertising agency in Australia. They are skilled at helping SME businesses to increase social engagement and boost profits by using their skills, expertise, and industry experience.

In today's world, Facebook ads are a great way to market your business, regardless of whether you are an e-commerce store, B2B provider or running a B2C operation. Facebook marketing is also great for building your brand and increasing customer awareness.

A lot of people spend an average of 65 million per day, on Facebook advertisements. Now you can use the tips that we have researched and learnt from our vast experience to make the most out of your ads. Leadgend Marketing will also help you create and manage every campaign that you run.

Is it better to hire in-house or an agency for Facebook Marketing?

This is how we see it:

You need to keep your social media team on their toes by constantly introducing new strategy. By hiring an in-house worker, you risk stalling the growth of your social campaigns when they leave - and with it all of your long term goals.

When you outsource to an agency, you automatically get access to their team of experts who will do this type of work for you. These specialists have up-to-date knowledge and years of experience in their field, meaning they’re qualified to the highest level. We at Leadgend Marketing pride ourselves on being process-driven. That means that we can apply our strategies across every industry, every business and any vertical. It also means a high ROI for our clients which they are only too happy to shout about from the rooftops.

What makes Leadgend Marketing the best choice for a Facebook Marketing Company?

Thanks to our track record and experience, we have been able to forge partnerships across a wide variety of industries. Here are just a few industries where our success has been most apparent: Medical Centers, Automotive Repair Workshops, Restaurants, Real Estate, Cupping Centers, Chiropractors.

Everything that we do for our clients is based on the same learnings, theories and processes as our marketing. As an agency we can use these to put together a well rounded offer that will serve your needs.

we’re so confident that we’ll be able to grow your business through Facebook, that we promise improve it by a minimum of 30%.

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