#1 Animated Video Production in Abu Dhabi

Animated Video Production Agency in Abu Dhabi!

#1 Animated Video Production In Abu Dhabi

Hire the top Creative 2D/3D Animation Agency in Abu Dhabi. Get your customized explainer video package from our digital marketing experts today!

  • Leadgend Marketing pride themselves on providing tailored Animated & Explainer Video services. 
  • We help you to create eye catchy videos with embedded subliminal messages.
  • A Video is worth a thousand Pics, get your branded video now!
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Why work with Leadgend Marketing Animated Video Production Agency

Leadgend Marketing is a full-service digital agency in Abu Dhabi that provides the best in class Video Production services.

You want your video to be seen or shared by as many people as possible to create an impact on your target audience? Hire Leadgend Marketing to create a professional, beautifully animated presentation.

A well-made animated explainer video has more power to convince your target audience than words alone. Animated videos are an amazing marketing communications tool that can be used to reach both prospects AND existing customers. With consumers today being so busy and inundated with information, video is a great way to show them what you have to offer. It's easy to consume and engaging.

Leadgend Marketing is a cool animation company that creates custom videos for brands and organizations. We always put in the extra time and care to make your videos more memorable & impactful for clients, customers, and audiences all over the world. We’re here to help you solve those problems and make animated explainers that offer high-impact solutions at affordable prices. So if you want your video highlighted up their with the best of them, then we can help.

Along with the development of short-duration animated videos, we also create longer-story based videos that allow brands to earn revenue on popular video streaming sites such as YouTube.

Video Production Service In Abu Dhabi - Leadgend Marketing

Explain Your Messages Clearly With Animated Videos

Video content is rapidly becoming more popular. It’s estimated that by 2024, more than 80% of web traffic will be video-driven. Many marketers are keen to use videos as they provide a more dynamic and personal way to communicate with an audience that spans all platforms. Explainer videos are one of the most engaging methods of presenting your products to audiences. They provide a way for people to understand new concepts and they can be used as a marketing medium. Leadgend Marketing have worked with a lot of companies for their video content needs. We will create animated videos that will meet or exceed your expectations!

The types of videos that Leadgend Marketing, a premiere video production Agency, can provide you:


Explainer Videos

To help your customers understand how your product or service works, we can create visually-engaging videos for you. We partner with our clients to craft the perfect animation that reduces friction and increases understanding.


Products Demo Animation

These animated product demos help to explain how to operate your product for best results. You can also use them to attract new customers and make your product stand out in the marketplace.


Services Demo Animations

We create videos for SMEs that help customers understand what your service is and how it will be helpful to them. Animations give your business a modern feel as well as displaying professionalism. It's also great at generating leads and increasing sales - so if you want a complex but powerful tool, get in touch with us!


Whiteboard Animation Videos

We use whiteboard animation technique for uniquely portraying your brand story. Not only does this ensure that the viewer watches till the very end and consumes the full communication, it also ensures that they are more engaged.


Short Films Animation

We'll produce a creative, fun brand video that markets your service or product in an interesting way. We include many different people, so the video becomes more relatable to your audience.


Custom Animation Videos Production

If there's a communication idea other than the ones mentioned, do let us know as we have experts who love to experiment by thinking outside of the box. We will present your idea in a stylistically contrasting way to capture your target audience and promote your brand.


Understanding Concept

We ask you a series of questions about what you want your video to be about, what kind of message and tone it should have, who is the audience etc. This survey aims to ensure that the end result will match your requirements.


Planning & Script Writing

Once you provide us with the brief, our planners & scriptwriters will make sure a compelling treatment note is created.



Our team of artist's design every detail of the storyboard, sticking to the script and following your plan.


Voice Over

We have a resource bank of hundreds of expert voice-over artists. From this vast choice, we select the voice or voices that fit the project perfectly to ensure that the audio entices your viewers as much as our video does.


Animated Video Production

In an era of high demand for video content, we help you save both time and money with animation services that are easy and affordable. Our team's core talent is in animations, so we can ensure that the final product is up to standard.


Video Delivery

After your valuable feedback is incorporated and the film is polished, we're able to provide a potent marketing tool to help you grow.


Subliminal Messages

We create the positive affirmations and compress them using our professional tools. Then we will place the messages inside your video. The purpose of Subliminal Messages is to make the consumer feel good when watching your video. They are not heard by the naked ear but they are understood by the unconscious mind.

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Why work with Leadgend Marketing for the best Video Production Solution in Abu Dhabi?

Leadgend Marketing is a multi-specialized social media agency and digital marketing agency in Abu Dhabi that aims at providing the best possible services to its clients. Among our list of services, we provide a plethora of social media marketing, branding and digital marketing solutions including Animated Explainer Video Production Services. We thrive on high quality content for our clients. We are experts in digital marketing and provide campaigns for all kinds of businesses and tailor Snapchat Marketing campaigns according to your needs. We put a lot of thought into our content and create fresh, unique and shareable content to meet your business needs. Thanks to our team's creativity and vision, we can offer you uniquely designed content that will get noticed. Turn to us and we guarantee you all the things you need for your business such as overall improvement, profit growth and much more.

Call us on +971 55 9243006 and our social media marketing manager and lead generation experts will help you get back on track.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Snapchat Marketing Abu Dhabi

Do You Work With International Clients?

Yes, we do. Try requesting custom work from us and we can easily get in touch with you, whether it be via phone, email, Skype, or a video chat of any kind. Until now, our video production process has been going ahead as planned. We've never experienced any problems due to customer's location or work hours and we appreciate your feedback on this. We've worked with many different international clients and they have been very happy with our services.

What tools do we use to create these explainer videos?

We have quite a few tools in our arsenal:
For illustrations we use Adobe illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.
For animation we use Adobe After Effects and Adobe Animate CC.
For editing we use Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro.

What can I achieve using video?

  • Improve your brand visibility.
  • Deliver complex messages in a way that people will enjoy watching.
  • Promote your lesser-known products from the top, taking care not to confuse them with your more popular goods.
  • Let the conversation flow in a the right direction and increase your email open rates.

Should I create a script?

Yes! It is important to have a plan for what you're going to say when filming. Gather information, know your equipment and what it takes to film before beginning production. Always be aware of the fact that if others are in the video you might have to improvise. Always have a script prepared.

What’s the perfect video length?

Video length depends on runtime and is typically determined by how much content there is & how long your average viewer’s attention span lasts. It is generally best to keep it under 3 minutes for web videos as people generally ignore anything with a longer runtime.

How do I make sure people can find My Videos?

Video hosts can be a great way to upload and host your video content. It's important to have the right names & tags in place for search engines: if you don't, it can make your video less likely to be found. When your audience shares your video with their networks you'll get more and more visitors. Furthermore, viral marketing will help you rank for specific keywords and will increase the number of SEO groups who view your content.

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