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SMS Marketing Agency in Dubai

Text messaging has become an increasingly popular way for businesses to reach customers. 

But there are many things that you need to consider before sending text messages to your customers.

This article will teach you everything you need to know about SMS advertising in Dubao.

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What is SMS Marketing a.k.a. SMS Advertising?

Short Message Service (SMS) is an inexpensive form of communication that has become increasingly popular among consumers.

It is also one of the most powerful ways to reach people because it reaches everyone who owns a mobile phone.

In fact, according to YouGov, nearly 90% of U.A.E adults own a cell phone and the average person checks their phones 344 times a day!

Understand the Benefits of Using SMS Marketing

There are several benefits to using text messaging as part of your marketing strategy.

First, it allows you to communicate with your customers at any time, day or night. And in fact the average open rate for SMS messages is 98%.

Second, it provides a low-cost option compared to traditional methods of advertising.

Third, it gives you the ability to send personalized messages to each customer.

Fourth, it helps you build relationships with your customers by allowing you to interact with them directly.

Finally, it allows you to track the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Is SMS advertising effective to small businesses or medium to large businesses only?

Think of it that way, SMS marketing can reach millions of people in minutes.

It’s the best way for marketers to get in touch with potential customers and increase their sales which could lead them to expand their business.

In other words, regardless of the size of the business, utilizing mobile marketing in the right ways will be of added value for you.

Some examples of the business categories which are already applying SMS advertising:

  • Real Estate
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Shops
  • Banks
  • Petrol Stations
  • Insurance Companies
  • Travel Agencies
  • Cleaning Services Companies
  • Beauty Salons
  • Printing shops
  • Cupping Therapy centers
  • Medical clinics
  • Dental clinics
  • Hospitals
  • In short, whatever business you are in, there will be a use for text message marketing.

How To Get Started With SMS Advertising?

There are a few steps required to get your SMS campaign up and running which, we will break down for you in this section.

Finding the right SMS Marketing Agency:

With the increasing number of digital marketing agencies in Dubai, it is easy for customers to fall into the trap of working with inexperienced marketers that will hurt their brand’s reputation and put their money into waste.

The first thing to check when choosing an agency is whether they have SMS marketing & advertising as part of their services.

Then it’s wise to ask for sample SMS campaigns and results which have been offered by them and ask for a customer reference.

The more important stuff to be aware of which will have an impact on the cost, is whether they are using the local SMS providers like Etisalat, or are they relying on external SMS marketing platforms like Twilio?

This is a game changer as Etisalat rates tend to be much cheaper.

Depending on your language requirement, you might need Arabic SMS as well as English SMS, so make sure to check for an agency with Arabic Speakers. Relying on Google Translate does not always generate the best results.

And one final note: Stay away from agencies who promise you to deliver a database of contacts for your campaigns. More on this point in the Legal section.

Here at Leadgend Marketing, we click all those boxes and offer reliable SMS marketing services for our clients at competitive prices and both in English & Arabic.

Registering Your Sender ID on the CMS Portal and the Messaging Platform:

This is an important step to make sure that your brand follows the UAE laws to send promotional messages.

Your digital marketing agency can do this step on your behalf given that you sign an NOC letter to authorize the agency to register the sender ID for you.

Sender ID Approved in CMS

Sender ID Approved in the CMS

Registering the Sender ID comes with a one-time fee charge.

To know more about the charges, you can message us by clicking here.

The maximum length of the sender ID can be 11 characters only.

But unfortunately, you cannot use all 11 characters for your brand name because any Promotional SMS sent in Dubai should start with “AD-“ indicating that this is an advertisement. That’s 3 characters down and you are left with 9 characters only.

For example, if your business name is Home Center, that’s a total of 11 characters including the space between home and center. So, your sender ID will look something like this: AD-HOMECNTR giving a total of 11 characters.

Sender ID approvals usually take 2 to 4 hours.

Choosing Your SMS Package:

Once the sender ID is approved, its time to choose the right SMS package depending on the number of numbers in your database and on the number of SMS messages to be sent per month.

The regular SMS rates in Dubai are 0.18 fils/message, however our market rates are less that 0.18 fils and could go as low as 0.9 fils/SMS and even lower depending on the quantity of messages to be sent.

In other words, you could save more than 50% from the regular rates.

How to choose the best SMS Package that saves you the most amount of money?

It’s time for some math!

Let’s say that you have a database of 2,000 leads and customers.

If you were to send a single SMS for each of them, that is 1 SMS x 2000 Contacts = 2,000 Messages Sent. If you consider the regular rate of SMS: 2,000 SMS x 0.18 fils/SMS = 360 AED.

So each time you want to send a single SMS to your contacts, that would cost you 360 Dirhams on the normal market rate.

But lucky for you marketing agencies like Leadgend Marketing, tend to have discounted prices that could save you at least 100AED on each SMS you send.

That’s not a lot of savings?

Alright fine, for one SMS, I might agree with you, but imagine you are sending  5 or 6 SMS messages per month, that would be at least a 500 AED, 600 AED in savings.

 And why I am saying “at least”? Because the more messages you send, the more discounts you get!

Creating the SMS Campaign:

This is the real deal where the message is created.

For English messages, the maximum number of characters per SMS is 160 characters.

What if you used 161 characters?

Then you will be charged double as that extra character will be considered as part of a new SMS so in total you are sending two messages combined in one, and thus charged double.

Beware of agencies who don’t shorten your links in the SMS campaigns as long URLs will eat up your characters and you will end up paying more for extra messages.

For Arabic SMS, the character limit is 70 characters only ☹.

 Choosing the right words for the message is important because we are restricted with a small number of characters.

Scheduling Your Campaign:

You have a choice of either sending the SMS right now or schedule it for a later date and time depending on your needs.

Like Pizza Hut for example, every Tuesday they have a buy one get one offer and they send an SMS every Tuesday.

The best strategy for SMS marketing is to send or schedule the SMS on the day it’s required.

Meaning if you are having a promotion for next week, the best time to send the SMS is on 9:00 AM on the first day of next week with a strong marketing message and a call to action.

Uploading the Data:

By data we mean the phone numbers in CSV format. The numbers should also be in a specific format in particular:

Correct Format:

Country code + Number: “971559243006” – This is the correct format, country code without the “+” sign followed by the number

Not Recommended Format:

“+971559243006” – Avoid adding the “+” sign before the country code

Wrong Formats:

“971559243006 “ – Adding an unwanted space

“0559243006” – Missing the country code

“ 971559243006” – Adding an unwanted space

 “ 97159243006” – Missing a number

Monitoring the results:

You need to measure results when using any form of marketing. If you aren’t measuring what works, then you won’t know whether your efforts are paying off. To do so, you should track the following metrics:

  • The time the message was sent
  • Whether it’s a one time SMS or a recurring SMS
  • Bulk SMS or Single SMS
  • No of recipients
  • Success Percentage (This is an important metric to keep an eye on.)
There are several reasons why the success percentage rate will not be 100% all the time. Mostly it’s because the numbers were entered wrongly, or the number is no longer in use.

Legal Advice

If you were wondering whether SMS marketing is Legal in Dubai then let us clear some of those doubts.

SMS advertising is legal in Dubai if and only if you are using the database of your existing customers who willingly provided their phone numbers and consented to receive marketing updates from your side.

This takes us back to the claim that you shouldn’t opt in for agencies who promise to give you a database of contacts for the marketing campaign and this is for two obvious reasons:

  • Its illegal to use any person's number without their consent.
  • These numbers are burnt out. In other words, they have been spammed a lot with unwanted messages that sending a message to them will raise a red flag on your brand.


SMS marketing in Dubai could be a powerful tool to promote your business to your customers directly on their mobiles and stand out from the social media noise.

Be careful when choosing your agency for SMS advertising.

You can get in touch with us to provide you with the ultimate strategy for generating more sales with text messages.

To learn more about our other services, please visit the services page!

Introducing SMS Marketing Agency in Dubai

The goal of SMS marketing is to build a database of subscribers with the purpose of increasing customer loyalty. Stay on top of your customers and offers by implementing close range marketing. Text notifications are a good way to show offers people near you without the time commitment of push-notifications. We also send important notifications to your customers, reminding them of upcoming deals and events. But we don't stop there! We ask customers for their opinion to see what they think of the items they just got in order to improve our service.

SMS Marketing is an effective way for businesses to connect with their customers. In fact, over 60% of customers prefer it to email marketing or push-notifications. You can now segment and manage your text messages for optimal use. For example, sending the most important messages to those who are keen on receiving them. With SMS marketing, businesses do not incur a hefty cost. This means that sending text messages can be as cost effective as other marketing methods.

With over 8 years of experience as a leading SMS Marketing company in Dubai, we are the best choice for businesses that need to create mobile marketing campaigns.

Why you need to make use of SMS Marketing?

  • Following up with customer feedback with marketing automation - Setting up a detailed and comprehensive SMS campaign helps you create messages which are automatically sent to your subscribers depending on their actions. This way, you can provide immediate customer feedback.
  • Grab customer's interest - As a leading SMS marketing agency in Dubai, we know how to get your customers engaged. The merge feature in our text message marketing software lets you insert personalized content like your promotions or deals into their messages. Once you select the merge feature, the personalized information will be added to your text messages automatically. After you select the merge feature, your personal information will be automatically added to new text messages.
  • Keywords matter - Make sure you have room for a text-based opt in throughout your website with the use of short code keywords. Short code are engaging and easy as they allow people to take action with one or two keystrokes. They can be useful for contests, promotions.

Why SMS Marketing Works?

  • A huge number of people have a mobile device with them for over 10 hours in a day.
  • The urgency of many people to check their phones first thing in the morning has led to a mobile culture.
  • The majority of emails are read within five minutes of receiving them. Most people delete messages that they are not interested in without opening them.

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With more than 90% of people reporting that they still like to get these types of marketing messages, it's easy to see how effective SMS is as a form of advertising & marketing. It can be hard to get responses for SMS marketing campaigns these days, but Leadgend Marketing, best SMS Marketing Agency in Dubai, provides a personalized and targeted strategy that yields more results. It's worth it. Personalized messages help in building your brand image by increasing the content relevance unlike any other. With our mobile automated SMS engaging tools, you can send a wide range of personalized messages to engage with your audience on a personal level. SMS marketing is becoming increasingly popular as brands embrace an omnichannel approach. Its important for these businesses to adopt this type of marketing since it enables them to connect with their customers better, leading increased engagement and ROI.

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How Does sms marketing work?

SMS marketing solutions and applications are relatively easy to get up and running. There are many SMS gateways, packages, and databases that allow you to send messages via text message. Like one person messaging another, the SMS gateway provides a solution to send messages simultaneously across mobile networks.

There is no shortage of messaging options out there. For example, there are text messages, MMS and long codes that can all be used to communicate with customers on your website. That's why you'll find the compatibility of such programs in industries like banks, healthcare, finance, education and ecommerce.

how to receive responses over sms?

With the popularity of SMS gateways, the best thing that has enabled enterprises to implement automated workflow management is a mix of both technology and SMS. Companies can select short message triggers like Text 'START' at 9999 to initiate lead generation on a specified contact

We will send this to the designated sales team and they can contact the customer. Additionally, we can set up your business with a unique short code (e.g. [Textcode]) that automatically sends back a message whenever customers receive it in reply. Here's just one example of what automation can do for your business. There's lots more you can explore, even if you're not especially tech-savvy!

what is sMs reseller and sms wholesale business?

SMS is an essential part of today's business. There are different aspects to this like SMS wholesalers who have the equipment and experienced staff to manage large amounts of SMS at cheap prices. SMS resellers can provide an impressive volume of SMS messages to businesses and enterprises in order to promote them.

While this type of business is quite lucrative, you would need to make sure to invest in a robust SMS gateway solution if you want to successfully launch an SMS reseller or wholesale business. Choosing a rental model can be expensive due to the mobile data cost involved. To help alleviate this, we recommend adding an SMS gateway product to your business as it will allow you to customize it according to your business needs.

what can be sent in sms text messages?

Short Messaging Service, or SMS messages are a quick and easy way of reaching a large chunk of your customer base. You can design these messages to spread promotion offers to current customers – or announce discounts and campaigns that are exclusive for faster response.

You can send 160 characters in two messages using the bulk SMS app or by cutting down on irrelevant content. You might want to make some changes to the text too, so it suits your particular business requirements.

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